What are the best alternatives to WordPress .

What are the best alternatives to WordPress

When we have to set up a site, many recommend using WordPress. WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, but many people, especially those who approach the creation of a website for the first time, find some difficulties, for example when you want to achieve very high results in a short time, or when you are looking for certain features not included by default… or because you don’t have the time and the will to learn CMS! Fortunately for these people, on the net, there are really a lot of alternative systems available with which we can take advantage of the same functions that maybe are available on WordPress … or are missing completely. Here are the ones we recommend:



Among the advantages that we can immediately say of this service, it is possible to access a guided creation that is seriously simplified in every aspect. In fact, Weebly has really thought about the intermediate user who as a rule does not know anything about what to do to create a site: for this reason it has put down a very flexible programming, designed precisely for those users who often find themselves in difficulty with regard to the site creation. If you are not sure if it is really for you, please note that it still offers the possibility of being exploited for free, as long as Weebly advertising will be displayed perpetually on the visited site. Otherwise, it costs 5 € minimum per month for a basic plan.



Wix is also a service that uses a number of various pre-compiled aspects to facilitate the user’s work. It is of course more aimed at a prepared user unlike Weebly, but it has several aspects that can save us a lot of time. The graphic layout in particular can be positioned by dragging it around the window, which then can also be done both free of charge and via subscription. Many aspects are also dedicated to SEO, ensuring at least a good initial start for the search engine addressing. The unlimited subscription costs around 13 € per month, offering full coverage for our needs.



You’ve probably heard of it several times before, but Squarespace is honestly not one of the best solutions on certain terms. Its cheapest subscription (due to the completeness of the functions) costs 17 € per month, and it does not organize the SEO automatically: you have to do it individually for each post you create. One of the most interesting functions it has is certainly the possibility of being able to import an entire domain based on WordPress and convert it without problems, even by adapting a whole new theme among the various – and excellent – layouts available in the service. However, not one of the best, but adequate if you need to switch from one system to another.



This is certainly a peculiar system. It allows you to create sites thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence, which gives us advice based on what we have built and what kind of site we are trying to create. It is not very cheap (the most suitable package costs 15 €) but it is also possible to try to create a site with a free account. However, it must be said that it is not one of the most flexible services: the various graphic templates and layouts cannot be modified in detail and have predefined positions from which they cannot be moved. In the end, the templates it offers integrate well with what we decide, even if everything else simply remains in our hands.



Finally, let’s not forget Joomla. This is a more than solid alternative to WordPress, indeed: it is ideal if this service is currently too tight! Joomla is in fact the most used solution by professionals, with a cost that turns out to be quite high if you start small (30 €, but annually, if you want a Hosting of the service) but if you already have programming skills at hand, it is a very powerful tool. The programming language is secure and also supports two-factor authentication. What to say? We repeat: complicated, but very powerful.

What are the best alternatives to WordPress
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What are the best alternatives to WordPress
WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, but many people find some difficulties because you don't have the time and the will to learn CMS

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